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They host our Web site. If they start to host yours, we get some free cash cash money.


Punk Planet
The Chicago-based magazine covering all things punk. 

New York City’s Indymedia
A member of the Indymedia collective.

Inner Swine
This guy claims to be a drunk and married and our legal council. He also makes a zine. It is way more famous than ours ever was.

Fuck you and your new shoes.

Zine Book
Everything from How-To DIY to zine lists. 

Xerography Debt
A zine that reviews zines. Stay tuned for the zine that reviews zine review zines.

New Pages
A portal dedicated to independent media. 

Broken Pencil
The editor said she was going to buy some subscriptions to Rated Rookie for friends and family.  She didn’t.

A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press
This site is dedicated to promoting and supporting publications overlooked by corporate media’s dollar-sign eyes.

They make stickers and steal our porn reviews.


My Gut Instinct
Haven’t had enough Josh yet? Now you too can find out what our famous editor does at two in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Thrilling.

Jimmy Legs
Jimmy Legs is not his real name. He lives in Brooklyn. 


Roger Snider
He took that fancy photo on the cover Rated Rookie number 6.

Dustin Glick’s comic strips appear in each issue of Rated Rookie.

Ryan Sias
One of our mighty illustrators.

John Leavitt
Illustrating Sub-genius.


Holistic  Donuts
Yummy, yummy cakes of light.
The best red carbon box in the business.

Web Nonsense
Chapter Five. Make some Web pages.

Andrew Coslow
Another Web site. Drawn by hand.

Rev. Billy’s Church of Stop Shopping
This guy is ten times cooler than Benny Hinn.