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Boy Howdy. Crafty issues of Rated Rookie for sale on Etsy.

What ever happened to dear old Rated Rookie? Well, we made a sixth issue, we threw a party, and then we vanished. Sometimes we wonder what went wrong:

1. We got too rich to care about art
2. The internet got all popular
3. Reality television ate our souls
4. Josh became an oil barron
5. We're no longer drunk enough to believe our own hype
6. Andrew is a lazy, lazy dinosaur

In the meantime, hang tight. There are some dusty old layouts under a desk somewhere. A couple of outdated stories saved on a tired hard drive.

One day soon, we may return.

Until then, check out our links section for some of the other projects we have fooled with. Or buy some back issues. Or watch movies in your girlfriend’s parents’ basement deep in the heart of nuclear Tennessee. That’s what we did.