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i shit my pants in the south of france | by jonathan ames
(rotten tuna provides scant bonhommie for this bohemian)

king of shock | by joshua bernstein
(mr. scientist zaps your brain for uncle sam)

eat this, walt whitman | by joshua bernstein
(it’s grandpa-powered poetry)

where my sheets have no shame | by joshua bernstein
(10 places i haven’t done it)

so what exactly do you do, marc stines? | by claire zulkey
(airport security man-undressed!)

pawn shop talk | by michael quiñones
(prowling for ill-gotten booty)

fierce detachments | by meghan aftosmis
(around the world in 80 tolerant days)

eating above the 49th parallel | by rachel sklar
(mmm...canada tastes canadalicious)

the jap vs. the spic | by jared jacang maher
(the interracial rumble)

psycho therapy | by xhenet aliu
(when your therapist offers to buy you a four-track, his time is up)

come co-habitate with rated rookie | by staff
(what shmuck wants to live with team rated rookie?)

beneath the folds | by jill moorhead
(look closer; there’s so much to talk about)

conning reality | by ben tanzer
(who knew there was a second chance on channel 48?)

the black pimp | by brian m. clark
(come play with charles manson’s lil’ buddy. or die)

no fried rice for you! | by qui nguyen
(she’s arkansas’ #1 vietnamese chef)

haiku hell | by abby reynolds
(the reward for toiling at google)

  my best year
my shitty coworkers
barber college project
$5 for five questions
our twisted friends
failing at capitalism
bands kyle hates
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