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by noah masterson

I knew JJ (full name withheld by request) as my brother’s classy friend. He drove a Mercedes, wore nice clothes, carried a gun, and somehow assimilated effortlessly into my brother’s social circle of drunk rednecks. He was the kind of guy who could talk to anyone, which is probably how, after getting a law degree, he convinced girls to pee on camera for money.

NM: Can you give me a synopsis of the videos you produced? What were the titles?

JJ: The two titles were: Wet Hot With Niki Newman and Stacy The Wet Island Princess. There was not a whole lot of storyline; it was more a voyeuristic fantasy of watching these two sexy chicks doing something private. Both movies had six different scenes, all involving either the talent urinating and/or female self-gratification. The scenes were all shot at my partner’s family summer house in a rural area of central Florida. The house [was] on a lake, the girls performed on the wooden deck, on the kitchen floor, in the bathtub, in the woods. All easy places to clean up afterwards.

NM: How did you get involved with this? Why?

JJ: Why, is easy, it’s all about the Benjamins! How, my partner in my law practice had a friend in publishing fetish magazines, and he told us how cheap and profitable these films could be. Producing films without intercourse also is easier; you don’t have to have AIDS tests, no worries about other STDs or even pregnancy. Also legally, mixing fetish stuff with intercourse has been found to be illegal in certain communities. Being a lawyer is good and bad; sometimes I think I would have been better off if I didn’t know all the legal pitfalls. Especially in this type of industry, I think you need to throw caution to the wind and do it.

NM: How did you recruit actors? Were they just friends, or were they already in the Industry?

JJ: We got the actors through ads in New Times, a small, local, free newspaper. It was a very surreal scene having these girls show up at my office to apply for the role; picture a stuffy law office conference room with 19th century French furniture, and girls lined up outside waiting to get naked. It was an adolescent fantasy come true!

NM: What were they paid?

JJ: The girls got $500 each. Sounds crazy, but that was more than the industry standard at the time.

NM: Who cleans up the mess after each shoot?

JJ: Like I said, we chose scene locations that were easy to clean, by hose or mop. Should have done an S&M video—that way some guy could have licked it up and that would have been more film footage. [Laughs]

NM: I think you told me once that you could shoot pissing in Florida, but not sex. What are the legal issues in producing pissing videos?

JJ: Porn is not a matter of where you film it, but rather where you sell it. We as Americans are very proud of our freedom of speech, but it is not as free as most think. One area of speech that is regulated is pornography; there is a Supreme Court case that established a multi-pronged test that gives each community the ability to determine, by their own standards, what is pornographic and illegal. If you think it would interest your readers, I could elaborate on the history of the 1st Amendment. Kind of funny central Florida is on the "don’t-sell-to list" for most mail order porn distributors, and here we were filming in their backyard.

NM: Is there a lot of demand for pissing videos? How many copies did you sell?

JJ: I think that it was a hot niche, but we caught the tail end. I think that when Penthouse started showing girls peeing it lost its naughtiness. Once something becomes acceptable by the mainstream—I don’t meant to imply that there is not still a market for pee videos, it’s just that when we sold our tapes they were $59 each. Now you can get pee videos for under $20. We sold around two thousand tapes total. I guess most readers would be surprised to learn how much the advertising costs are. The big name porn magazines get hundreds of thousands of dollars for ad space, so obviously we were limited to smaller fetish oriented magazines and a few real small ads in some of the big boys. Considering that the production costs were so minimal, even with the advertising costs, it was a lucrative venture.

NM: Did you consider shitting videos?

JJ: Yes, I considered it. I think that the industry calls that "scatting." I got bored real quick with the pissing videos, I think because it is not something that I find sexy. If I were to get involved again in porn, I would want to make videos that were arousing to me. It may sound corny but there is an artistic side to porn, and to do a good job you have to love what you do.

NM: What’s next, since you’re no longer producing piss flix?

JJ: I am looking for projects to get involved in. I think that considering current events, Catholic Church spoof kind of stuff would make for some interesting videos—obviously not involving children. A few horny priests and sexy nuns… After eight years of Catholic school, I don’t know if I could jump on that bandwagon.







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