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Don't Piss off the Working Class
by Joshua Bernstein
On a sunny summer morn I arrived, hangover in tow. Gathering my Smirnoff-battered senses, I checked into the office and met Charlie, my trash supervisor.

Between a Rock and a Bored Place
by Joseph Omid

I smoked crack. But before all that, I’m sitting here at my aunt’s house watching the days go by. In the morning I wake up and eat cereal with soymilk. Every third day I shower; every second day I shave.

The Plural of Chaos
by Brooke Watkins

When Lucy Frank grew up, she looked down and saw she had long, slender fingers like her mother. These fingers looked good doing anything–holding cigarettes, playing the piano, pinching people she disliked. Her mother had sex and social Darwinism on the brain.

Adventures in Medicine
by Jenny Wray

Remember those sickly kids from elementary school? You know, the ones who always had cotton balls protruding from their ears and patches over their glasses? Well, I was never one of those kids.

A Babe in Pornland
by Joshua Bernstein

I make men jerk off. To find out how, stroll down to your favorite smut shop. Between the dildo displays and blowup doll reside the magazines. Peruse the periodicals and select a copy of, say, Jugs. The pictures of sprawling women and fat nipples are nice, aren’t they? But what about the words, the one-liners on every page? Someone’s got to write the words. And that someone is me.

Leave Before You're Gone
by Jenny Wray

I lived in San Diego for 6 1/2 months. Pasty-white and anti-anything that exposed my knees. It would be reasonable to ask exactly what I was thinking by moving to southern California. Fuck, I didn’t even like sand.

by Gabriel Shaffer

there’s an old man in my bones, praying for a plague..
with eye sockets as deep as shot gun barrels, i am
looking down the throats of my ancestors, while
vestigial sidebands speak through the suspended faces in the trees..

Uncomfortable Silence; Checking Myself Out in a Store Window on My Way to Work; Dialing a Rotary Phone at Grandma's; The Clean Shit; Walking Down the Street and Spotting a Beautiful Woman.

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